Imposition Software

An affordable imposition solution for PDFs and InDesign documents

The best value-for-money imposition software available for Adobe InDesign. Using the InDesign Imposition Plug-in you can prepare your publications for traditional or digital printing easily. No matter the imposition challenge you are facing – 24 business cards on a single sheet or a 112 pages magazine – the InDesign Imposition Plug-in is up to the task!

Main Features


  • Compatible with all versions of InDesign (CC all the way down to CS3)
  • Unlimited: 1, 1000, or 100000 sheets in one imposition
  • Perfect Bound impositions
  • Sheet size is only limited by InDesign and free memory
  • 2up and 4up Saddle-stitch booklets


  • Step and repeat impositions
  • Save templates for future use
  • Automatic sheet size calculation
  • Work and Turn
  • Automatic imposition based on specified plate size


  • Customizable crop marks and registration marks
  • Choose your own pre-defined PDF Presets
  • Customize margin of Plate
  • Set creep, color bars, scale

Imposition has never been so easy!

Who said you must be a rocket scientist to create impositions? We think you need a software which concentrates on the final product instead of the technical spiel. You need a software which has a friendly, clear and easy to use user interface. You need a software what you can use intuitively without the manual. For your imposition needs, you need the InDesign Imposition Plug-in!

Imposition has never been so profitable!

The simple, user-friendly interface makes it possible to learn using the software step-by-step while you are actually creating impositions in a production environment. This way you can use almost the full potential of the plug-in without spending hours with examining the manual.



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It's tough to find an imposition solution that works so well with InDesign, much less for under hundreds of dollars.

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Version 5 worked as I had hoped. My 48-page, 349MB InDesign file had large images, many small images, lots of drop shadows, transparency, threaded text...Impose 5 CS3 handled everything. This a very good product, and I also appreciate the courteous offer of additional help. With good will to you Gary
Fantastic! Martin
The Imposition Plug-in works Well! Enzo
Perfect! That is exactly what I needed! Thanks so much. John
"Hurray! Thank goodness for innovation and creativity!" Judy

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